Guide to Crew Members

Guide to Crew Members

You can recruit crew members either by speaking with them at the pub in the port they reside in, or recruit them directly from the Navigator menu in the bottom right of the screen.

Colored cards are already recruited by you.  To recruit new crews scroll down and you’ll see crews you haven’t recruited in black and white.  Just click on them to recruit, if you meet their requirement you can recruit them from this screen.

Below is a compiled list of crew members and their specializations.

Crew members that are good for trading and reducing losses:


Luna Buker from Amsterdam


Paracelsus from Venice – reduce loss of trading goods when goods collapses

Magellan form Sevilla – reduce loss of trading goods in fire

Columbus from Genova – reduce loss of trading goods during rat infestation


Hayreddin  – Can be recruited once you’ve become Grand Knight in the nobility rank.  He is a popular adjutant ship captain for searider, because of his ability to stun and his Artilerrists and Assault stats.


Ayden Rees – Tripoli – Reduce the cargo effect on ship speed.


there is couple more of them that giving you purchase limit increase or reduce costs but personally i think the one up there are the bests. Fell free to comments or upgrade the topic 😉


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