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    Post games you are playing or interested in playing here and any extra info such as character names, servers, screenshots, etc.




    My char and server on the Chinese server of this game.  佛得角 (Fo De Jiao) meaning Cape Verde.  My country is France.

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    Here’s a few I have found that piqued my interest.

    Villagers and Heros

    This one looks interesting if looking for a mmorpg that’s available in various platforms (ios, androids, and pcs).

    Looks like a wow clone but simpler.  Has a great community from what I have read.  The features that caught my attention is:  Guilds and Guild Villages with village projects to add ornaments, new services, and more to villages.  Player / Guild Housing.  And gathering (fishing!) and crafting.


    Vendetta Online is another cross platform game that’s a space combat/trading game similar to freelancer.  It is also twitch-base and not turn base combat (Ocean Legends I consider twitch-base).  I am actually really interested in this one and will be checking it out.  Not sure if it has guilds mechanics though, will let you guys know once I play it a little.




    Civ VI for iOS I am including is discounted 75% right now on the App Store ($15 instead of $60):

    It has multiplayers so we can play each other or in team play vs AI i think, might be worth a look.  But no characters progression.  It’s free-to-play up to 60 turns for you to try the game… probably just enough to get you hooked, lol.

    But will definitely try out the Chinese server of Ocean Legends you are on Huey, and see if it’s at all playable from where I am.





    Played Vendetta Online a little and here’s my impression so far.

    It’s similar to other space trading / combat / mining games such as Elite Dangeous, Freelancer, eve Online … but far simpler.  Graphics is a bit dated and control kinda wonky and take getting use to.

    It is single server multiplayers and cross platforms (mobiles and PCs).  It does have guilds, tradings, mining, exploration, pvp, space pirates, and random events but no dailies.  There’s a clear progression system (earning licenses to buy better ships and equipments and taking on harder missions).

    There’s no routine guild wars or pvp events, just whenever players decide it happens or random encounters in neutral space.

    Not sure if it will be fun in the long run… seems kinda grindy.  Will have to play just a bit more to see if I can really get into it (rt now I don’t think so except as casual every once in a while playing).

    There’s 3 factions to choose from.  If you do play I am with the UIT (United Independence Territories) who seems the most neutral.  My main in game char is Viry Littlebottom (ofcourse 😛).


    Here’s some gameplay vids of Vendetta Online.

    Login and station menus where you can trade, manage ships, view stats, pick up missions.


    Docking, mission completion, progression, and system map.





    Hi Viry and thank you so much for sharing this post! Will try it out and see how it going on my phone.



    Hi Viry and thank you so much for sharing this post! Will try it out and see how it going on my phone.



    I play mobile legends it’s big 5v5 game with squads of up to 9 players I do have all toons besides the last few new ones. You have tank and mages and fighters and healing support roles and assasins. If anyone is interested I can kick my sqd back up here. Lots of YouTube videos if ya want to check that out.



    on Asian server everything plays great besides battles. So far I auto battles and move it off when I plan my big move or to run away lol. I have tested express vpn open vpn and my connection seems better. Next I will test NordVPN and look into other options for the battle lag. As far as the game vs ocean legends far better by a mile translation will be a key after a certain point and I’m lvl 49 soon 50 lol a lot more to do than in ol



    Ark of war, could that be a 7 sins game u think?



    The voyage initiation



    I played the voyage initiation. It is pretty good. It is not as good as OL but it is still ok.


    I play OL in asian server. But I quit because I don’t understand chinese :((. How can I do quiz without understanding what they say?





    The problem of the voyage initiation is you can not swicth between ios and android.


    @BossFara if you join the server Huey posted (Verde Cape in chinese) you should be able to find him, Firebird, and Roty, maybe they can help you out with interfaces (besides the quiz which you just have to guess :P).

    Not sure what the lags is like though.

    @here re: Villagers and Heros, I installed it and realized I have played this before, and remember quitting it because it was so boring.  I have a level 7 hunter there called Viry.  It’s pretty much a WoW clone, but graphics are a bit dated.  I actually haven’t tried joining a village yet so don’t know if it’s more fun once you join a village, so I might push myself to play a little more and join a village to see what that’s like.  No promise tho 😛

    re: Vendetta Online, played a little more and combat get a bit better… I did a few courier (trade xp) missions and was able to get a bigger ship.

    Dying really penalize you in this game (died 3x already), especially in the higher level I think.  When your ship get destroyed you lose your ship, all your equipments, and all your cargo, and get respawn back at your home station.  No insurance payback.  You can always get the 0 level free ship and equipments, but have to rebuy everything else.  Ouch.

    I have to get to combat license III to experience more advance combat mission and boss fights though, but apparently there’s routine (every 4 hours?) borders conflict you can join, and npc boss mission you have to team up with other players to win.  Those might be fun so I will try playing a bit more.

    re: Ark of Wars, looks like stats and turn base combat… not my cup of tea at the moment.

    I will try Voyage Initiation when I have a chance.

    For PC gamers, this is the Uncharted Waters Online game you have seen people mentioned:

    I played it for a long time when it was with Koei and OG Planet, and had a pretty high level with lots of money and advance ships… but when Papaya took over they did a complete reset and wiped everyone characters (something about not being able to transfer the data from the old publishers servers).  I tried starting over but didn’t get too far, it was just too disheartening.  If there’s a bunch of 7sins playing I might try again.



    For OL asian server, I found Red anf Huey. But I don’t want to play a game I don’t understand the story. So, I will play the voyage initiation



    I will install Voyage now hope its ok

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