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    Been playing vendetta online and am liking it. It does have a little bit of figuring out the space station menu but that’s not to bad. The flight controls take some getting used to. Once you get used to flying though it’s pretty fun. Gonna stick with this one I think unless something better comes along. In game name is the same and I’m with the same info very posted previously.



    Has anyone try world of warship…i think thats really good game…



    I try a lot of games. Nothing is compared to OL. I am tired. I do install uncharted waters online for pc. However, I don’t have much time to spend in front of my pc. So, realy, I don’t know what game to play…

    Why OL shut down?! Fck


    @haileyquin @cath sweet re: Vendetta Online.  I am only playing *very* casually and been doing combat and trade missions from the UIT capital station — Dau Senate (grid L-10 in the Dau system), and mining missions from Osteem Orbital station (Dau G-11).

    Trying to get to level 3 licenses in combat, light weapons, and mining to get a good ship before venturing further out to other systems.  Did a few trading missions with multiple jumps and they’re quite lucrative but time consuming (esp if you get caught in an ion storm and get attacked).

    Friends List (Buddy System)

    If you want look me up in game and try to add me as a buddy.  Their social system are all commands base from the chat window, you can type something like:

    /buddy invite “Viry Littlebottom”


    /buddy accept “Viry Littlebottom”

    use /buddy list or /buddy online to see your friends list.  And /buddy note “Viry Littlebottom” what’s up message! to leave a message.

    Here’s a list of  all the buddy commands:

    Groups commands:

    /group create

    /group invite name

    invites a player to your group. Only the group leader can invite people.

    /group join

    accepts an invitation to join the specified player’s group.

    /group leave

    returns you to solo status. If you were the group leader, a new leader is appointed.

    /group view

    lists all members of your group.


    @cath to start a guild we need 10 active players.  Creating a guild is free but you need 10 players to accept and join within 10 minutes or the guild will be disbanded.

    /guild create [ACRONYM] “Long Name”

    /guild invite “name”

    All the /guild commands:

    If we find enough people maybe we can create a 7sins guild in Vendetta Online.

    Or here’s a list of existing guilds we can join:


    ok my turn ^^

    I tried a few and as you all know, nothing come close to OL, in particular: no “moderately large” guild wars.

    World of Warships Blitz:
    I love boats but wooden ones. It’s all steal here.
    There is a very similar game with wooden boats but it’s only on android. I thing the name is King of Sails.
    This game melts by battery (iphone6) like I’m having an ice cream on a summer day. 4 or 5 battles then recharge.

    Vendetta Online:
    I love boats but wooden ones. Here, wood is not the most appropriate material for spaceships.
    I have a hard time with the ergonomics.

    StarTrek Feet Command:
    I love boats … yeah, you know the rest.
    Fights are lame. ^^

    Plunder Pirates:
    A clone of Clash of Clans with pirate theme. I haven’t tried the PvP.

    Pirate Tales:
    Quite good to me but I don’t know if you can fight with your boat. I only did on land fights from the quests.

    Legend of Pirates:
    Looks like OL but fights are awful.

    Pirate Code:
    Fun, cartoonish style but 5v5 only.

    Tempting but I don’t know how many can be in a PvP fight. Haven’t played much though.

    Chinese OL:
    I created a new appleID but a phone number is needed for activation. If I use my current appleID, a valid payment mean is needed. So, I gave up. I even tried Taiwan App Store ^^


    I think OL will come back in one way or another, once they sort out their issues.
    However, I can let go the “wooden boat” drama only for Elder Scrolls Blades even if it turns out to be a crappy game ^^. It’s coming end of March.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue looking around. By the time something comes out, I’ll probably be too busy to play. Haha !




    I just saw a new realse game aliance vs empire…i just try it i think its  agood gme for who want pvp…always warrr….


    1. I just saw a new release game aliance vs empire…i just try it i think its  agood gme for who want pvp…always war…

    Is the name : “Alliance vs Empire” ?

    I cannot find it but maybe I have to change my App Store to a different country than Norway.


    I give up, on all the games.  On the one posted and searching for new ones.

    None is capturing my interests for long now, not even PC games.  Pulling myself away from gaming (playing) for a while, going to spend more time trying to make them instead.  If I ever make a sailing game with multiplayers I’ll let you guys know 😉


    If you are not happy, just do it yourself !
    I can’t really help you on this task but I hope you’ll end up with something awesome.
    (and that you add a god mode for whoever’s name is albatar ^^ )

    All the best for the project, it’s a nice one.




    Guys…i just find an ocean legend but in korean version…and no need using vpn to play it…but still using it when you guys want to download it… just download it and i now a french




    What is the name of this game? I can not find i this game on french store






    I dont know what its name

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