Pub Tenders

Pub Tenders

Interacting with pub girls (and guys) to earn charm points is the best way to get some DaVinci detectors (which can randomly give you some high level ship equipments).  Charm points can also be exchanged for a wide range of rewards, as well as earning a (random) special gift reward for reaching 3000 points for each pub tender, the special reward can be anything from a high level ship equipment to personal item, to badges and ship building material.

Lastly, being in the top 3 ranks of each pub tenders will give you a weekly reward:

rank1: DaVinci Detector
rank2:  Mysterious Starry Sky (2)
rank3:  Mysterious Starry Sky (1)

List of rewards you can exchange for charm points can easily be seen by clicking on your char’s profile (top left), then the Point Exchange button at the bottom of the screen.  Go to the Charm Points section to see rewards you can exchange the points for:

You should hit as many pubs with pub tenders as you can everyday to maximize charm points earnings.  Chat 5 times and buy them a drink, then pick one pub tender to focus on to share your exploration stories and give gifts to, so that you can quickly get to the 3k charm pt mark for that pub tender.   Exploration stories can only be told once, when you’ve used it on one pub tender you can not tell the same story to another.  you can only give up to a maximum of 5 gifts per pub tender per day.

List of pub tenders – their location
And the gift you can exchange charm points for
  1. Olivia – Amsterdam
    Metal Plate Ship Material x2 – 800 pts
  2. Nola – Stockholm
    Random Lvl 70 equipment book – 348 pts
  3. Betty – London
    Random Lvl 80 equipment Book – 883 pts
    3K Mystery Gift: Common Rudder Material
  4. Fiona – Genova
    Desert Rose – 478 pts
    3K Mystery Gift: Cross swords Badge (+100 Durability)
  5. Claudia – Marseilles
    Davinci Detector – 1158 pts
    3K Mystery Gift: Da Vinci Detector
  6. Sophia – Naples Giant
    Sleepy Sunset – 458 pts
  7. Beatrice – Venice
    Special Social Investment Certificate – 520 pts
  8. Yolanda – Sevilla
    Random Advanced Level Skill Book – 1658 pts
    3K Mystery Gift: Glory Rudder (+70 Durability)
  9. Carlotta – Lisbon
    Level V Ship Equipment – 1338 pts
  10. Nana – Santo Domingo
    Lvl IV ship equipment – 453 pts
  11. Amissah – Saint George
    Random Ship Skill Book – 263 pts
  12. Nourdine (guy) – Tunisia
    Common Sail Dye – 318 pts
    3k Mystery Gift: Paladin Medal (Lvl 80 non-metallurgy item)
  13. Latifah – Alexander
    Common Hull material – 223 pts
  14. Agatha – Athens
    Mysterious Starry Sky – 463 pts
  15. Guri – Istanbul
    Navigator Study Manual – 32 pts
  16. Rita Billie – Cape Town
    Random Lvl 90 equipment book – 1280 pts
  17. Maleca – Mombasa
    No Gifts
  18. Amir (Kid) – Aden
    No Gifts


  1. Viry Littlebottom


    Great post Huey! Thanks for collecting name and locations of all the pub gals and guys!

    A few more notes:.

    Interacting with a pub person gives you both goodwills with them (hearts), and charm points (roses). Charm points, as you have said, can be exchanged for rewards in the Point Exchange interface. When you first reach 3000 heart points with a pub tender, you will see a new dialog option when visiting them to “spend the night at the inn”. Once you do that, you will get a mail from them with a present.

    I am not sure if the reward is random or not at the moment. I got the Cross Swords Badge from Fiona in Genova. If anyone else reach 3k heart points with her also, let us know if you get the same.

    Lastly, while the heart points never go down and you only get 1 special reward the first time you hit 3K, the top 3 heart points of that pub tender get a weekly reward. This is a tough thing to get for new players though since the older players are already so far ahead, but they might eventually stop playing so you never know. Just keep interacting with them every day, only drinking and chatting if you run out of gifts or stories.

  2. Viry Littlebottom


    You can see how much heart points you have and your ranking with a pub tender by clicking on the heart with the laurel and the word “Ranking” at the bottom center of the screen when interacting with them.

  3. Viry Littlebottom


    @7sins @huey7sins I just reached 3k gw with Nourdine in Tunisia, he gave me a lvl 80 accessories equipment called “Paladin Medal” that you can use metallurgy to craft into a level 80 accessory item.

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